August 14, 2017

Dr. Christopher Henninger will do everything possible to save your original teeth. When severe damage exists on a tooth with an otherwise healthy root, a crown restores the normal function. To make this process easier and more cost effective for our clients, we use CEREC® same day dental crowns.

The Way It Used to Be

In the past, dentists had to rely on vendors to supply crowns and implants. Patients needing these services were forced to make at least two separate visits to the dentist’s office.

During the first appointment, dentists performed only half of the procedure. The offending tooth material was removed and molds were taken of the teeth. The patient was fitted with a temporary crown to protect the exposed nerves. The molds were sent to separate provider that fashioned the crowns.

Once the new appliances arrived, patients returned to have them installed. This required additional time and expense. If there was a problem with the crowns, patients were forced to wait until it was resolved. This potentially complicated and extended treatment time and cost.

How CEREC® Same Day Crowns Work

New procedures are still very similar, but the technology we use at our office dramatically speed up the delivery of your new crowns. Our capabilities allow us to treat you in one visit and provide more accurate replacements for your teeth.

  • A digital image of your teeth is taken.
  • The decayed tooth material is ground away by Dr. Henninger.
  • Digital impressions are used by sophisticated CAD-CAM software to design your new crown.
  • A milling unit shapes your tooth out of standard ceramic material while you wait.
  • The crown is installed as soon as it is ready from the machine.

Instead of waiting days for your crowns to arrive, your appliances are ready in just minutes. They are more precise fit for your teeth, and minor errors in the manufacturing can be corrected right away. The color match is also more accurate. The result is a restored tooth with natural resemblance to the original.

We’ve upgraded our capabilities to give our customers the best experience possible. Are you are looking for a dentist in Vista, CA with the ability to provide you with same day crowns? Schedule your consultation today.



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