February 26, 2017

All of us want to have white radiant teeth reminiscent of those we see on actors or fashion models. Yet achieving and maintaining a bright, beaming smile requires more than simply adhering to a standard dental regimen. Teeth experience two forms of discoloration: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic fading comes with age, while extrinsic discoloration occurs due to external factors. Both forms can be successfully combated, yet doing so requires the right type of teeth whitening treatments.

Over-the-counter whitening kit providers would have you believe that they can offer you that. They claim that they can provide the same results as those available from clinics offering cosmetic dentistry in McAllen, TX at a fraction of the cost. Sales statistics show that many believe such claims. Information gathered by researchers at Boston University shows that over $1.4 billion is spent annually on teeth whitening products. Before purchasing your own, however, you should look into how effective such treatments truly are.


Obstacles Inherent with Over-The-Counter Products


While some over-the-counter products are able to produce recognizable results, every one of them shares the same three obstacles:

  • Most are designed only to work in conjunction with an already established oral care regimen (in other words, if you have not taken good care of your teeth, these products will likely have little effect).
  • Maintaining the results that they produce requires constant, frequent use.
  • The bleaching agents used in these products are available only in small concentrations, thus hindering their ability to completely whiten your teeth.

This last obstacle highlights the most obvious shortcoming of over-the-counter products. In order to use bleaching agents that offer better results, you need to have such a treatment administered by a licensed professional. It is for this reason that over-the-counter kits cannot come close the offering the same sort of immediate results as professional treatments. While also being more immediately noticeable, the results produced by cosmetic dentists like Dr. Alvarado last much longer, as well.

Why place your faith in over-the-counter remedies when tried and true teeth whitening methods are available here at The Lakes Family Dental office? Dr. Alvarado has already helped countless patients enjoy the benefits of cosmetic dentistry; why should you not be next? To learn about the many procedures and treatments that we offer, contact us today.



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