October 9, 2017

Many dental procedures are necessary for your physical health. For example, tooth pain can affect your everyday functioning and tooth decay can lead to gum disease and other conditions. So it makes sense to seek treatment for these conditions.

You may be more hesitant when it comes to cosmetic dental issues such as discolored, cracked or crooked teeth; just to name a few. However, the reality is that taking care of your cosmetic needs can be a wise investment. Making that appointment with the dentist could mean the difference between a life filled with sunny smiles and one filled with embarrassed glances.

Self-confidence and self-esteem

Physical health is a lot easier to quantify than mental and emotional health, so it’s no wonder the latter two areas tend to get the short shrift. However, if you find yourself shrinking from social situations and avoiding having your picture taken because you don’t like your smile, it’s time to consider the benefits that cosmetic dentistry can reap in your life. This treatment could change your perspective on many things.

Minimally invasive

Cosmetic procedures tend to be minimally invasive as well as convenient. An in-office tooth whitening might take only one hour and lead to much better results than an attempt with a product bought off store shelves. Drawbacks of these do-it-yourself approaches include remembering to use whitening strips and the risk of gum and tooth sensitivity. Other cosmetic procedures such as dental bonding and veneers are also relatively quick and long-lasting.

In addition, it is possible to get cosmetic benefits from a treatment such as braces. Invisalign, for example, can help straighten your teeth without attaching unsightly metal brackets to your teeth.

Dr. John Perna offers several types of cosmetic dentistry in Oak Park, IL, namely dental crowns and dental bridges. Crowns can help address issues of broken, chipped or cracked teeth, while bridges offer up natural-looking teeth in between two healthy teeth. To explore your options in these areas, contact our office today.



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