July 18, 2018

Smiling Teens With Straight Teeth Thanks To InvisalignSummer means more time outside with friends and family, and you can be certain someone will want to take a lot of pictures. If you prefer keeping your mouth shut in photos due to crooked teeth, then you can begin the straightening process with Invisalign® in San Diego, CA. With this orthodontic treatment provided by cosmetic dentists, Dr. Addleson, Dr. Campbell, and Dr. Landau at The Art Of Dentistry, you will need to wear invisible aligners that slowly push your teeth into more attractive positions.

Improve Self-Esteem With Invisalign

When you are confident in your smile, you are more likely to smile big and wide as often as you can. Smiling has been proven scientifically to relieve stress, improve mood and enhance cognition. With the aid of cosmetic dentistry, you can improve both your oral and mental health with Invisalign clear aligners.

Prevent Deterioration

Crooked teeth are more than aesthetically-displeasing. They can actually lead to more wear and tear due to having an uneven bite. Inefficient chewing function can cause the lower and upper teeth to rub improperly against each other, resulting in degradation of the enamel.

Increase Lifespan of Teeth

Straightened teeth tend to last much longer than crooked teeth. In addition to wear and tear, misaligned teeth can lead to chipping and fracturing. This damage will make a smile unattractive, and the individual will require additional treatments to make the smile whole again.

Decrease Headaches

Since crooked teeth cause additional stress, many people end up suffering from chronic headaches and neck pain. You will not feel like smiling in any pictures if you constantly experience discomfort. Anyone who suffers from constant headaches needs to make sure their oral health is examined thoroughly.

Receive All These Benefits at Our Office

Since Invisalign uses invisible aligners, you can wear them this summer without anyone knowing. You will be able to grin big in any photos without worrying about having a smile full of metal. Contact The Art of Dentistry today, and Dr. Addleson, Dr. Campbell, and Dr. Landau will tell you all about how cosmetic dentistry can benefit you. Call us at (619) 268-6560 or visit us online and see how Invisalign can start improving your quality of life today!



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