October 25, 2016

Everyone at North County Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry is dedicated to helping patients achieve improved oral health and satisfaction with the appearance with their smile. We are happy to share information about CEREC crowns, an exciting treatment option that can help patients in many ways. What can you expect as a result of choosing CEREC?

Great Health and Cosmetic Benefits

Patients often choose CEREC because this option offers the perfect combination of cosmetic and health benefits. For instance:

  • Superior materials are used: High quality dental porcelain or ceramics are used to create the crowns used in each patient’s mouth. Not only are these materials highly durable, they are carefully crafted to match the appearance of neighboring teeth so a flawless, natural look results. This is often preferred by patients to the metal used in many forms of traditional bridgework.
  • Treatment takes only one visit: CEREC crowns are made using high resolution digital scans of the patient’s mouth. The crowns are immediately created from this computerized information before being finished by technicians. Next, the crowns are put into place and the patient can return home. Everything can be accomplished in the same day, so there is no waiting and no need to schedule multiple appointments just to finish treatment.
  • Highly accurate results: Because advanced medical scanning technology is used to create the information that will shape the crown, the results are exceptionally accurate. This results in a better fit and improved overall comfort for the patient.

Patients love being able to resume their normal routine with less time spent worrying about figuring out the next step in the process of obtaining a traditional crown. There are many reasons to take a closer look at CEREC technology.

Discover the Benefits of CEREC

CEREC crowns are an important advancement and may provide benefits to people that other options do not. While there is no treatment that is perfect for everyone, CEREC may be right for you. Schedule an appointment with our office to learn more.



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