May 6, 2016

Making sure your child has exceptional oral health is important. Helping your child take care of his or her teeth will prevent cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems from arising in the future. Proper home care and regular professional cleanings are two of the most effective ways your child can have great oral health.

1. Home Care

Everything starts at home. Teach your kid how important it is to take care of his or her teeth daily. Supervising your child closely during brushing and flossing can help ensure that everything is being done right. Here are oral hygiene tips for your child:

  • Brushing: Your child should be reminded to brush his or her teeth twice per day. Emphasize the importance of brushing all teeth and not simply the front ones. Make sure your child brushes for two to three minutes.
  • Flossing: Demonstrate how to properly floss teeth and supervise when your child is flossing.
  • Avoid sugar: Keep sugary snacks to a minimum. Candy, cookies, soda, and fruit juices can cause plaque to grow, cause enamel loss, and result in cavities. Encourage your child to drink water instead of sugary drinks.

2. Regular Dental Visits

A crucial aspect of ensuring your child has a healthy mouth is investing in pediatric dentistry by a general dentist in Thousand Oaks, CA. Routine checkups allow the dentist to keep track of any oral health issues and offer advice for oral hygiene. Here are some preventative measures and treatments your child can get from a general dentist:

  • Fluoride treatments
  • Mouth guards
  • Sealants

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