July 27, 2016

Teeth naturally darken over time, and the process can be expedited if you routinely drink or eat a lot of substances that stain enamel. A bright smile can quickly turn brown, but there is a solution. Our dentist in Chambersburg, PA offers an exceptional teeth whitening treatment that can make your smile several shades whiter. The only side effect tends to be slightly sensitive teeth afterward, but there are ways to reduce this.

Follow Instructions

You might be given a tooth whitening kit to take home, or you might be a fan of strips and gels at local pharmacies that promise a whiter smile. If you are doing any of these, you need to make sure you follow the directions exactly as they are given. Do not leave gel on your teeth longer than directed. This is a reason why an in-office treatment can be advantageous. Our dentist will ensure you are only in the chair for as long as you need to be to get the results you are looking for.

Watch Your Diet

If you are concerned about having overly sensitive teeth, then you should keep an eye on what you eat immediately following the treatment. Any foods or drinks that are extremely hot or cold should be avoided. Stick with lukewarm items. You should also limit consumption of any overly acidic substances as well.

Do Not Brush Immediately Afterward

 It might be tempting to brush your teeth as soon as you get home. Avoid doing this if you can. Brushing can be a little uncomfortable following a whitening procedure. If you want, you can brush before going into the dentist’s office. Give your teeth some time to rest after the treatment.

Call Us to Get a Wonderful Smile

Dr. Zachary S. Sisler is highly skilled in numerous cosmetic dentistry treatments. If your teeth could use a little touching up, then give us a call to schedule a time to come in for a consultation.




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