October 24, 2016

If you’ve recently discovered a gap in your teeth and are thinking about getting a dental implant to remedy the situation, you might be better off considering braces instead. Southpark Dental Group is here to improve your smile and educate you on the best ways to do so. Learn why braces are the way to go to close any gaps you have in your teeth.

The Benefits of Braces

What’s so great about braces is that you can see results in just six months. While this might seem like a long time, it’s a gradual process, and your teeth slowly but surely start to come together to give you a healthy smile. Imagine not having to worrying as much about getting food stuck between the gap in your teeth.

The Importance of Closing Spaces in Your Teeth

While many people focus on the cosmetic reasons for wanting to close the gap in their teeth, there are a few other reasons to do so. For one thing, gaps can look like missing teeth if they’re big enough, which might only add to your embarrassment. Don’t let a gap keep you from showing the world your smile and the confidence that comes with having a beautiful smile.

Something else to consider with spaces in your teeth is that closed gaps are healthier for the gums when it comes to eating. Think about it, you were meant to chew food with your teeth, not with spaces between your teeth. Depending on the types of food you like, eating can become a painful experience. Not only that, but with enough time, pretzels and chips, you can actually widen the gap between your teeth. Keep periodontal disease, periodontal pockets and loose teeth at bay by addressing gaps before they become a more serious issue.

Let’s Talk About Your Options for Braces

The technology used to make braces has made sweeping changes over the years, giving patients more options than ever. To start finding the perfect braces for you and your specific needs, reach out to us here at Southpark Dental Group to schedule an appointment.



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