August 25, 2016

Many people dream of having a wonderfully bright smile. An easy way to accomplish this is with a teeth whitening procedure. This is a treatment we offer as part of cosmetic dentistry in Bergenfield, NJ. Numerous people wonder if it is worth it to schedule an appointment or if they could get by with whitening products you find at a drugstore. Here are the pros and cons to weigh.


At the end of the day, you want either procedure to give you gloriously white teeth. Over-the-counter products such as gels and strips can take weeks to show any results, and the outcome may not be as bright as you were hoping. An in-office procedure only takes an hour, and your teeth will be noticeably whiter by the end of it.


This should be a chief concern for everyone. Drugstore items will be safe, but you need to be certain you are following the instructions exactly or else your teeth could end up becoming extremely sensitive. Our professionals know how to conduct a whitening procedure, so nothing negative will happen. Anyone with naturally sensitive teeth should bring that up, and adjustments can be made.

Overall Health

A teeth whitening treatment should only be conducted if you are in otherwise great health. By getting the procedure done at a dentist’s office, your oral health will be examined first to be sure there are no signs of tooth decay or gingivitis. If you are simply getting a product at a drugstore, then you might have no idea how healthy your teeth and gums actually are.

See What We Can Do for Your Oral Health

When it comes right down to it, getting a whitening procedure done at a professional’s office is going to give you benefits you just will not get elsewhere. Learn more about this life changing treatment by scheduling a consultation at the office of Dr. Herbert Schneider. Call us to finally get the smile of your dreams.



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