November 22, 2016

For a long time, successfully realigning teeth and helping people have a better smile has pretty much meant working with long-term programs like traditional braces or their more streamlined, invisible variations that help keep a low profile during the process. All of these techniques are effective, which is why they have remained so popular over the years. However, they all require a significant investment in both time and money. Luckily, the recent technological boom has also helped the oral healthcare field, and now there is a short-term orthodontic program that helps realign your smile without a lengthy commitment.

6 Month Smiles

The newest innovation in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics is the use of the 6 Month Smiles procedure to align the most visible teeth for a better cosmetic appearance. When your bite is not seriously misaligned and you are looking to mostly improve the “social six” upper anterior teeth, this process allows for fast results without the extensive investment of time and resources that full braces or their alternatives present.

Advantages to Short-Term Orthodontics

When patients only need minor adjustments to their bite alignment, the lengthy process of placement and adjustment that regular orthodontics require can often be discouraging. In many cases, patients who would otherwise choose to correct these minor cosmetic issues are forced to forego the procedure as a result. Since unnecessary exposure and treatment can pose a problem on its own, procedures like 6 Month Smiles and other short-term orthodontics reduce risk and provide access to those who might otherwise be excluded.

Enjoy the Benefits of an Improved Smile

Patients who cosmetically correct their smiles tend to find that the change brings a variety of benefits, including:

• Improved confidence
• Desired aesthetic improvements
• Easier brushing and flossing
• Less worry about your day-to-day presentation

If you are considering your orthodontic options, get in touch with our office in Aliso Viejo, CA today.  Call us to learn more about what Dr. Claire Cho can do to help you get the smile you always wanted.



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