August 1, 2018

Smiling woman having porcelain veneers applied

Porcelain veneer application.

August 2nd is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. You may be ecstatic to bite into a delicious treat only to have the glee hampered by extreme sensitivity in your teeth. There are many ways excessive sensitivity can develop, including tooth roots becoming exposed and cavities forming. Instead of living with the discomfort, people should schedule appointments at our office to see if porcelain veneers in Manhattan, NY are a viable option.

How Veneers Help

A veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that is adhered directly to the outside surface of a tooth to cover up the dentin. Veneers are able to increase the resilience and structural strength of teeth so that hot and cold substances do not make direct contact with the surface. In order to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure, you need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nargiz Schmidt. You also need to understand a small amount of natural enamel will be removed so the veneer does not bulge past the rest of the teeth.

When Veneers Do Not Help

Porcelain veneers will not help in every instance of teeth sensitivity. Acid reflux is a condition where the body regurgitates stomach acid into the esophagus, often resulting in heartburn. It can also wear down the enamel of teeth due to the high levels of acidity entering the mouth. The part of the tooth that will be affected by this is the side facing the throat, so veneers will not work in this instance.

See If Veneers Are Right for You at Our Office

Call our office at (347) 269-2305 if you are tired of having sensitive teeth, and Dr. Schmidt will determine if you can benefit from porcelain veneers. Even if you are not a good candidate for veneers, our cosmetic dentists in Manhattan, NY can identify treatments that will help you live a happy and healthy life.



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