February 18, 2016

If you are interested in straightening your teeth, you are probably wondering how the two of the most popular options, Invisalign® and traditional braces, stack up against one another. While both options can produce fantastic results, there are pros and cons for each. The doctors at Harrison Dental Group aim to provide you with the best cosmetic dentistry results possible, so they may recommend that you receive one treatment option over the other.


Traditional braces have been used for such an extensive period of time, their value is clear in cosmetic dentistry. When used properly, they are a fantastic way to straighten the teeth and get you the smile you desire. However, they do have many potential complications. The braces are made of metal brackets, metal wires and rubber bands that hold the teeth and move them according to the doctor’s wishes. While they are effective, these pieces of metal can be highly irritating to the cheeks and gums, and some patients develop painful mouth sores. Moreover, if a proper oral care routine is not vigorously maintained, the enamel of the teeth can become scarred and discoloration develop. The metal in the mouth is also extremely obvious, so discretion is not possible with these braces.


Invisalign® in Fort Wayne, IN solves many of the issues presented by traditional braces while still maintaining a great overall performance. The system is made up of a collection of clear trays that are specially designed to slowly move your teeth over time. Since they are clear and do not require brackets, the system is incredibly discreet and many people may never even suspect that you are wearing a tooth alignment system. They offer easy care, and because they are custom fit, they are very comfortable. This means that the gums and cheeks are less likely to become injured and infected over time.


If you would like to learn more about receiving Invisalign® in Fort Wayne, IN, you are welcome to contact the Harrison Dental Group at 260-222-2779 to schedule an appointment or receive additional information.



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