April 5, 2016

As the website of Dr. James Lesinski says about cosmetic dentistry, little changes make a big difference. Getting teeth whitening in Amherst, NY, or other cosmetic dentistry services such as porcelain veneers, crowns or tooth-colored fillings, often help people feel better about themselves. There is no need to feel self-conscious anymore about issues such as tooth stains or tooth chips. Here are some ways in which cosmetic dentistry makes a big difference.

Tooth Whitening for Bright Smiles

Your teeth may need whitening for a number of reasons including tobacco use, trauma, age and the consumption of drinks such as tea and coffee. While you can buy toothpastes that promote tooth whitening and use at-home kits, going to a cosmetic dentist offers more high-quality whitening options. In fact, you typically only need one tooth whitening visit per effort. The dentist follows proper safety procedures to bleach your teeth and may use a light or laser to make the whitening more effective.

Not everyone should get their teeth whitened, though. Some teeth do not respond well to bleach, and whitening is not effective in cases of crowns, veneers or fillings.

Veneers for Maximum Gleaming

Porcelain that is applied to the fronts of your teeth makes a huge difference in your smile. You might even be able to say goodbye to crooked teeth, stains, gaps and chips. More reasons to flash those pearly whites!

Composite Fillings for a Great Smile

Metal fillings can be effective, but many people dislike how obvious they are. That problem goes away with tooth-colored fillings. They’re created from durable and safe composite materials and can enhance how you feel about yourself.

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Other cosmetic dentist services include orthodontics and ClearCorrect. If you are interested in any services such as teeth whitening, call the office of Dr. James Lesinski today at (716) 691-4470, and we can talk about your needs.



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