December 26, 2018

Cartoon man squeezing head due to TMJ painHeadaches and migraines are a common occurrence among just about everyone. While every person is bound to experience a headache at some point in their life, the differing factor is the cause of the headache. In fact, if you suffer from chronic headaches, it could be related more to your mouth than your head. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, also known as TMJ or TMD, is one issue that can result in headaches. At White And Haines Advanced Dentistry in Cornelius, NC, Dr. Steven White and Dr. Brad Haines are experts in diagnosing and treating TMJ issues.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ is a type of disorder that causes pain and can limit movement in the lower jaw. The exact cause of the disorder can differ between people. It could be due to genetics, injuries, or even arthritis. TMJ can even be caused by chronic grinding or clenching of the teeth. As the muscles and jaw are tensed and grind against each other, other muscles and parts of the body can be affected, including the neck and head.

What Are the TMJ Symptoms?

There are several symptoms that can point to TMJ being the source of the issue:

  • Pain around the jaw
  • Pain around the ear
  • Pain in the face
  • Inability to move the jaw
  • Pain or difficulty chewing
  • Clicking or grating noises while moving the jaw

When Should You Seek TMJ Treatment?

You should seek treatment from your dentists in Cornelius, NC as soon as you notice any issue with your jaw. If you are not sure that your pain is coming from your jaw, it can still help to mention to your dentist if you are experiencing persistent jaw pain or headaches. The sooner you let our professionals know about the issue, the sooner the source of the pain and treatment can be sorted out.

How Can You Get Started?

The first step in fixing your headaches is seeking help. Contact our office today to schedule a visit with Dr. Steven White or Dr. Brad Haines. We may be able to help alleviate your headache woes.



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