May 7, 2018

What child doesn’t love to make her mother smile? This Mother’s Day, give your mom the brightest smile ever with the gift of teeth whitening. While there are products available for home use, the best whitening procedures take place in the dentist office. Here are just a few reasons to visit Steadman Family Dentistry for professional teeth whitening instead of using an at-home method.


Professional teeth whitening treatments give you immediate results. Most at-home treatments take days or weeks to work. If you visit a dentist, you’ll leave the office with a smile two to three shades lighter in as few as 90 minutes.


Most whitening procedures use hydrogen peroxide, a chemical that can harm your teeth if used incorrectly or irresponsibly. It can cause sensitivity or even damage the roots of your teeth. A professional will know exactly how strong the solution should be, as well as how long it should stay on your teeth, so that your mouth stays healthy. A dentist can also use desensitizers like fluoride and potassium nitrate to prevent uncomfortable sensitivity from occurring.

More Effective

Because professional teeth whitening is supervised by a doctor, the whitening solution is stronger than in at-home treatments. Over-the-counter whitening strips typically use a six percent hydrogen peroxide solution. At-home trays use roughly a 22% solution. Dentists, however, use a solution with 35% hydrogen peroxide, giving you a much brighter smile that lasts longer.


At-home treatments can be untidy and difficult to use properly. Whitening strips often slip off the teeth. Gel-filled trays can feel uncomfortable and cause a sloppy mess. If you get frustrated with the process, you may quit and never achieve the results you want. With a professional treatment, you simply sit back and let your dentist do the work.

This Mother’s Day, give mom a gift that will keep her smiling for months. Contact Steadman Dental to schedule her teeth whitening today.



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