April 13, 2017

After undergoing professional teeth whitening, you definitely want to keep your smile bright. One of the most convenient ways to do that is through the foods you eat. Many foods are natural teeth whiteners. While they can’t remove years of yellowing or staining – you need cosmetic dentistry grade whiteners for that – they can help you maintain whiter tooth shades between dental visits.

What are these power foods?

  • Strawberries. Yes, they’re red, but that doesn’t mean you should worry. The acids in strawberries cleanse your teeth. Think of them as a delicious way to brush off the everyday residue.
  • Celery. It’s crunchy and stringy… and that’s exactly why it’s great for teeth whitening. In Naperville, IL, you can find celery at any grocery. Keep a stalk of it in your refrigerator and eat it regularly. It will assist your flossing efforts and wash away bacteria and particles.
  • Apples. Although apples contain sugar, they’re still good for teeth whitening. Like strawberries, they have a certain amount of acid that rubs away stains. Plus, they offer the same crunch as celery. In addition, they’re just as good for your health, so eat up and smile!
  • Onions. Okay, you may not love eating raw onions because of the way your breath smells afterwards, but they are definitely good for your teeth. They halt the adhesion of plaque on your teeth. Just be sure to brush and use a mint after eating your daily onion “tooth whitener.”
  • Baking soda. Have some baking soda in your pantry or baker’s rack? Add a little bit to your toothpaste. Baking soda adds scrubbing action to your routine. However, it can be too abrasive for some patients. Always ask your dentist first if baking soda is a proper addition to your oral hygiene regimen.

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