July 9, 2018

The Invisalign system has been helping adult patients who want to correct their smiles for years, but if you haven’t had a reason to go looking for it, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard much about this revolutionary aligner system. The concept is simple: sets of aligner trays are designed to fit your mouth, and each one pushes teeth in a minor adjustment. As the treatment progresses, liners are changed out, so the progressive change adds up fast. By the end of treatment, most minor bite conditions can be treated.

Who Is a Candidate?

This system is designed for adult patients whose mouths are not going to be growing during the process, so patients under the age of 21 should talk to the dentist about whether this option is right. There are other options for discreet realignment if it turns out that Invisalign is not the one for you. There are also limits to the kinds of corrections you can make with aligners alone. They work wonders for many common conditions, but severe presentations might require another approach. Conditions commonly treated with this option include:

  • Patients with gaps between teeth
  • Patients with mild or moderate crossbite
  • Those looking to treat an open bite
  • Overbite/underbite conditions
  • Mild to moderate alignment shifts

Patients with profoundly misaligned teeth should talk to Dr. Delrose about the options available. Sometimes, treatment with another option can be used to prepare a patient for Invisalign. To learn more, you really need an individual appointment to discuss your case.

Get an Appointment

Contact our staff during regular business hours to set up your consultation. We serve patients in Ellenton, Bradenton FL, and surrounding areas. Dr. Delrose is happy to talk to patients about all kinds of treatment options, and to review your case history and your current oral health. Don’t forget to make sure you have your next regular cleaning scheduled when you call about clear aligner options, too.




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