January 28, 2016

There are many things people notice when first meeting others. If you live in Denver, CO and often avoid going out in public because of the way your teeth look, consider making an appointment at Tennyson Street Family Dental in northwest Denver for a full mouth regeneration.

Dr. John Schmidt and Dr. Jeff Erickson can give you a smile makeover in Denver, CO that restores your confidence. Our minimally invasive procedures provide cosmetic benefits, and may help improve overall oral health.

Get a Highly Customizable Treatment Plan

Your smile is as unique as you are, and today’s dental professionals have the expertise and equipment needed to give desirable results. For example, maybe you’ve always wished your teeth could be whiter, or that something could be done about the front teeth that got chipped in a sports accident when you were younger.

Because there are so many possibilities as far as treatments to pursue, a dentist will always engage in a thorough consultation prior to your smile makeover in Denver, CO

Stop Problems from Getting Worse

You may want to improve your smile because you have realized existing problems are getting worse. Teeth that are broken or crooked may be prone to decay, especially if food get caught in them. Also, a smile makeover with an orthodontic component may be suggested if teeth are shfiting into gaps created by tooth loss. These kinds of problems can be unsightly and painful, but are treatable.

Start Smiling Widely Again

Normally, smiling is something that can happen almost involuntarily in response to stimuli. However, if you have had oral problems for a long time, you may have consciously begun avoiding smiling even when feeling happy.

Contact our office today to make an appointment with Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Erickson for your smile makeover in Denver, CO.  Just call 720-263-5108. The results could look fabulous and take care of painful problems.



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