February 26, 2017

Most people tend to think that you only need restorative dental work following tooth decay or deterioration. Yet there are other factors that can contribute to chipped or cracked teeth, with trauma being chief among them. Suffering a blow to the face or mouth can easily result in a cracked or missing tooth. Are you expected to simply endure having a damaged tooth, as well as the pain that might come with it? Of course not, especially when dental providers such as the dentists at Southpark Dental Group can so easily treat the issue.

Understanding Tooth Chips and Cracks

Yet first things first; if you do have a damaged tooth, you will want to first determine what type of crack it may be and whether or not it requires emergency treatment. Common cracks and chips witnessed by dental care providers include:
• Craze lines
• Fractured cusps
• Cracked teeth
• Split teeth
• Vertical root fractures
Craze lines (tiny vertical lines in your teeth) and fractured cusps are chips in your teeth’s chewing surfaces or outer enamel. While they can continue to grow over time, they typically cause little pain and discomfort and do not require you to rush off to the dentist right away. Vertical root fractures are serious problems, yet since they originate from the tooth root, they are usually not recognized until the surrounding gum tissue and bones become infected.
Cracked teeth, on the other hand, begin at the chewing surface and extend towards the root. They can leave nerve endings exposed, which can result in severe pain. If left untreated, such cracks can progress to split teeth, which typically cannot be saved and will require replacement. If you sustain such a crack in your teeth, seek emergency dental care right away.

Treating Damaged Teeth

The solution to your cracked or chipped tooth may be finding a provider that can place a tooth crown in Hunters Creek, FL. Advanced technology such as CEREC same day dentistry can repair and reinforce your damaged teeth in a single day.
You need not suffer the embarrassment of having a cracked or chipped tooth any longer.  The experienced staff at Southpark Dental Group can conceal such damage and strengthen your tooth in as little as one visit. To find out whether or not a crown is the answer to fixing your damaged tooth, schedule an appointment with us right away.



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