December 11, 2018

One of the great things about progress is that the ability to do certain things becomes much faster or more convenient, and that probably rings truer in the dental industry than anywhere else. For example, when you think of orthodontics in Palm Harbor, FL, your mind probably goes first to braces. This is a common orthodontic treatment that Dr. Dan Knellinger has used for many patients, but there now exists braces technology to speed up this process: Fastbraces®. 

What Are Fastbraces®? 

Fastbraces® are still braces in that they use a bracket system that attaches to the teeth and is carefully adjusted over time to move the teeth into the desired position. They can be used to fix issues with spacing and malocclusions, including open bites, underbites, overbites, and crossbites.

How Do They Differ From Traditional Treatment?

If traditional braces treat the same thing, what makes this new technology so appealing? Essentially, Fastbraces® can achieve the same results as traditional braces in half the time. This has to do with how the teeth are moved. Traditional braces first move the tooth over and then the root, kind of inching the teeth into place. Fastbraces® uses a specialized bracket system to move the tooth and its root at the same time. This means fewer appointments to adjust the brackets and less time spent in the braces. Some patients have even finished treatment in 120 days. 

Are Fastbraces® a Good Choice for You?

Achieving the same lasting results in a shorter period of time is appealing to many patients. Before you set your mind on a particular treatment method, however, it is important to consult with Dr. Knellinger. If you are not a good candidate for Fastbraces®, there may still be other effective treatment options available. 

Where Can You Learn More?

Assessing your needs is the first step for any successful orthodontic treatment. To learn more about our braces options and other services for aligning the teeth, contact our office and schedule a consultation today.



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