February 26, 2018

We want you to fall in love with your smile all over again. Over time, because of injury, illness, food staining and other conditions, your teeth may become dull. If you want to brighten your smile and really love the way you look, we encourage you to enjoy the benefits of laser teeth whitening.

Faster Treatment

In just one session, your teeth can be dramatically changed with laser whitening. With at home treatments, it may take several weeks or months before you notice a difference, but most patients report a noticeable change after a 30-60-minute session with us.

Effective Treatment

Most special toothpastes and whitening strips only treat and remove surface stains. In our office, the laser whitening removes stains at their core by penetrating deep into the tooth. Treatment goes deeper than the enamel because the laser goes after the stains on a molecular level.

Safer Treatment

Laser whitening is a non-invasive procedure with no additional equipment or appliances that may cause bleeding or irritation of the gums. There are rarely any after-effects from laser whitening. Many at-home treatments use products that can damage the enamel, while laser whitening is gentler, performed with expert supervision and safer.

Long-Lasting Treatment

Keeping white teeth is a matter of how you care for them. Do you floss once a day, brush twice and see a professional for regular cleanings and exams? If so, your teeth should stay healthy forever. Because laser whitening goes deeper and removes not only the stains you’ve gotten since your last cleaning but also the older stains that have been around forever, the whiteness lasts longer.

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