February 10, 2018

Your smile is an extremely important part of how you feel about yourself. It’s often the first thing that people see when they meet you and you want to make a good first impression. Unfortunately, millions of people are insecure or shy about their smiles because they have teeth that are discolored, cracked or chipped. At Smile in the City, Dr. Schmidt is committed to giving patients every opportunity possible to feel good about their smiles, and porcelain veneers are a very successful treatment option for most patients.

More About Veneers

Considered a cosmetic dental enhancement, porcelain veneers are thin shells placed over the front of the tooth by a prosthodontist. A portion of the natural tooth may be filed down before the veneer is glued in place over the front of the tooth. Veneers are used for those who have gaps between teeth, yellowing, chips, stains, minor misalignment or cracks in the teeth.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Gum tissue tends to tolerate porcelain better than other materials. Porcelain is also ideal when teeth feel misaligned or small because the veneer is molded and shaped to fit the appropriate size of the tooth. Veneers placed over malformation, misalignment or severe discoloration can completely change the appearance of a tooth. Porcelain is a more durable option than other composite resin veneers, and last from 12-25 years. Other than basic oral hygiene, porcelain veneers require little maintenance.

When veneers are cared for correctly, they are a long-term, durable solution to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Each veneer is made for the individual patient, ensuring that they match the natural shape and color of the teeth as closely as possible.

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If you are ready to take your smile into your own hands and shed yourself of self-consciousness and embarrassment, we have the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to learn more.



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