December 7, 2017

A great smile makes a great first impression. One key benefit of braces is having well-aligned teeth that appear healthy and beautiful. Orthodontics offer even more benefits, such as reducing the chance of gum disease, increased confidence and a healthy mouth for life. Often, the improvements in dental health provided by braces result in lower dental costs over a lifetime. Investing in orthodontics has many long-term benefits, making it a great bargain. Whether you’re looking for cosmetic solutions or need improved oral functioning, with today’s advancements in dental technology, you have many options for treatment.


Clear braces are designed for adults who need orthodontic treatment, but want to be discreet while straightening their teeth. ClearCorrect is an advanced system of clear aligners that gently move teeth into the ideal position. This treatment option gives excellent results without making the user feel self-conscious about getting dental work.

Six Month Smiles

Just as the name implies, Six Month Smiles is a quick corrective method for minor repositioning of the teeth. The brackets are clear, and the wires are tooth-colored, which minimizes the appearance of the orthodontic appliances. If you need a quick solution, ask your dentist in Modesto, CA about this treatment.

Traditional Braces

The traditional method of correct jaw alignment or spacing in teeth, traditional metal braces, is still a good option for teenagers and adults. It is an affordable treatment option to meet dental needs and smile goals. The results are predictable. The appliances are durable. Patients of all ages can benefit from conventional orthodontics.

Make an Appointment Today

Take steps to a healthy mouth when you talk to Dr. Brewer at Brewer Family Dentistry about orthodontic treatment. The option that works for you depends on your goals and condition of your teeth. Call our office to make an appointment to discuss your options for a beautiful smile, healthy teeth and improved confidence.



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