Often viewed as the most crucial aspect of full mouth restoration, planning for full mouth cases must be multi-faceted and consider a variety of dental specialty services. The treatment plan acts as a map, directing all participants toward the attainment of the end goal – a healthy, brilliant, fully functional mouth and jaw. Patients are just as much a part of the planning process as the primary dentist and other specialists, and are included in all phases as co-diagnostic partners.

Proper Planning and Preparation Results From Comprehensive Examinations

Planning the treatment in phases, the referring dentist will work closely with each individual specialist, confirming the procedures are timed accurately and performed fully to create the final end result of the full mouth makeover. Much effort goes into the planning and examination stage, which involves evaluating gum health, bone density and volume, occlusion (how the upper and lower teeth come together) and the condition of each tooth. Any TMJ issues detected must also be addressed to ensure successful full mouth restoration.

If periodontal disease is present, it will likely be addressed before beginning any other stage of treatment. The gum tissues and underlying bone are the foundation of the teeth, and health of the mouth in general. Active infection must be eliminated and gum health stable before proceeding with further treatment. Additionally, regular cleanings or periodontal maintenance and periodic examinations must continue to take place throughout the full mouth restoration process.

The Esthetic Focus of Full Mouth Makeovers

While many full mouth makeover procedures focus on rebuilding tooth or bone structure for a healthy, stable foundation, esthetics of the smile are given a certain priority as well. Cosmetic considerations are prioritized during the planning process, and may include improving factors such as tooth color, shape, size, length and positioning.

Getting Started

The first stage of any full mouth restoration process begins with a visit to your dentist. Comprehensive, in-depth examinations of gum, teeth, bone and TMJ health will reveal the areas requiring treatment and the order in which services should proceed. For information on how to start your full mouth makeover, contact your dental professional today.

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