March 8, 2018

If you’ve been thinking about whether it’s time to straighten your smile, you need to know that today’s options for minor corrections make it easier than ever to pursue a more beautiful smile without having to worry about the visibility of your orthodontic devices. Where traditional braces tend to be highly conspicuous, especially for adults, clear aligner solutions like Invisalign provide you with an opportunity to get the smile you deserve without giving away the fact that you are in treatment.

How Clear Aligners Work

Each aligner is custom designed to fit your mouth and can be worn over teeth without being visible to casual onlookers. As a result, you can have coverage for up to 22 hours a day without major discomfort or visibility. They can be removed for meals, and every few weeks they are traded in for the next aligner in the series, until your teeth reach the optimum alignment designed by your prosthodontist.

Benefits of Using Discreet Treatments

On top of the lower visibility, there are a few other benefits to pursuing these lower-profile treatments:

  • No worries about food being caught in them
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Patients report less discomfort with clear aligners like Invisalign

Now is the time to take control over your smile. By getting minor realignments handled, you can have the brilliant smile you always wanted on your own time, without advertising your process to the world or disrupting your regular life and routine. It lets you make this correction without having to disclose anything at school or work, allowing you to maintain your poise while making important improvements to your smile.

For more information about how a clear aligner might just be the solution you have been looking for, make an appointment with our office in Lafayette, CA. After your case has been evaluated, Dr. Ferrier will be able to make specific recommendations about how to approach realigning your smile!



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