August 13, 2018

When a patient comes into our dental office with missing teeth they have a number of restoration options available. Dental implants and bridges can certainly help but many people enjoy the convenience and affordability of dentures. It is critical to do something about missing teeth as soon as possible because there are many frustrations that can develop as a result.

You Cannot Eat Your Favorite Foods

Whether the gap is in the front or the back of your mouth, there are certain foods that are difficult to eat with even a single missing tooth. Some foods people typically need to give up include:

  • Crunchy nuts
  • Popcorn
  • Raw vegetables and fruits
  • Tough meat

Processed, softer foods become a mainstay of many people’s diets after they lose a tooth. These foods typically do not contain as many vitamins and minerals, so a person’s overall health can deteriorate as a result of losing a tooth. Dentures are a common solution for this problem.

You Face Additional Health Risks

After a person has lost one tooth, he or she is at risk of losing other teeth, too. Due to a new gap in the smile, the surrounding teeth may shift out of position making them weaker and susceptible to breakage. It is also possible people with missing teeth will experience gastrointestinal complications because they cannot adequately masticate food while it is still in the mouth. Enzyme action becomes impeded and it can lead to bacterial growth throughout the digestive system.

Solutions Are Available

Dr. James Pace may recommend dental implants for certain patients who need to safeguard the health of their jawbones. However, dentures are specifically designed for helping individuals with the daily struggles associated with missing teeth, and they tend to be the more affordable option. Contact the office of our dentist in Nashville, TN right away as soon as you lose a tooth. Your lifestyle does not have to be negatively impacted with our help.



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