July 27, 2016

When the word dentures is mentioned, many people automatically think of senior citizens. However, this dental treatment is a quality option for many different people with several missing teeth. Along with this fact, there are a few other FAQs that you should be aware of concerning dentures.

Will Dentures Affect My Speech or How I Eat?

At first, dentures can affect how you speak and eat; however, with a few simple adjustments you can relearn how to speak and eat with no issues. After a while, your new speaking and eating patterns will be second nature.

Will Dentures Affect How I Look?

Each pair of dentures is constructed specifically for the mouth of the wearer. In fact, before a permanent pair of dentures are created wax molds are made for individuals to get a feel for how they will look wearing them. With the advanced technologies that are used today, dentures are made to match closely with regular teeth, so the main difference will be the lack of decaying teeth and large gaps.

How Do I Properly Maintain My Dentures?

As with regular teeth, you should follow a maintenance regimen every day. Upon getting your dentures you should speak with your dentist about proper maintenance habits. For basic care you should try to brush your dentures with a denture brush and denture toothpaste after every meal. Depending upon the type of dentures you have you might need to take them out at night, and if that is the case there could be a certain procedure for their proper care.

How Long Should They Last?

On average, a pair of dentures should last between five to ten years. Along with how you care for them, the change in your mouth and gums can also affect how quickly your dentures need to be replaced. It is best to have them checked annually during your yearly exam to make sure that they are functioning properly.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

The cost may vary, however dentures have become main stream so it is possible to find them for a reasonable price.

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