July 11, 2017

If you suffer from migraines, you have likely looked everywhere for answers and solutions. If your doctor has exhausted all avenues, it may be time to take a different approach. Sometimes these headaches are caused by something your dentist in Arlington, VA, could better diagnose.


One possible cause your dentist may be able to pinpoint is temporomandibular disorder. TMJ affects the joint in your jaw. However, the effects can go throughout your lower jaw area and into the temple and ear areas of your head.

It may induce pain, clicking in your jaw and even lock the jaw joint. You also may not be able to open your mouth all the way or have a misalignment of your jaw that creates an uneven bite. Not surprisingly, tension and pain in these muscles may lead to migraines.

TMJ is usually caused by grinding your teeth at night while you sleep. The most common solution when you are diagnosed with TMJ in Arlington, VA, is to wear a mouth guard to bed.


Another grinding related issue is called Bruxism. This is not TMJ, but a completely different issue that involves clinching and grinding of the teeth. It is a sleep disorder and is rather quite common. The stress these actions put on your mouth, bones and muscles can lead to headaches.

The common treatment for Bruxism is similar to TMJ. Your dentist will likely recommend wearing a mouth guard at night.

Many sleep issues are often at the heart of migraines. Even sleep apnea has been linked to migraines. However, if you want to get to the heart of common causes of migraines and sleep apnea or other health issues have been ruled out, then it is time to come see us. Dental issues, such as TMJ and Bruxism, are quite common and may just be the reason why you are suffering from severe headaches. Visit our dental office in Arlington, VA to schedule an appointment and get your TMJ treated today.



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