May 3, 2016

A nice smile can be an indication of confidence, health and wealth. There are several different ways that individuals may go about obtaining the smile of their dreams. Depending upon the state of their teeth, there are a few different cosmetic dentistry options available.


In the past, metal fillings were a dead giveaway for unhealthy teeth. Now, there are tooth-colored fillings that can be applied. These filings come in different shades to match the various tones of individuals’ teeth. When properly matched and applied, they not only look real but also function as a real tooth as well.

Inlays and Onlays

Even with proper care, fillings do become old and must be replaced. Inlays and onlays can be applied to the part of the filling that needs to be replaced, returning the tooth to full functionality. Though they serve the same purpose, inlays lie on top of the tooth, while onlays go over the edge of the tooth.

Teeth Whitening

Though there are many different at-home methods, teeth whitening services proved by expert dentists, such as Dr. Dan Knellinger, to be the fastest and most effective way to brighten your smile. You may even be able to tailor your service to your desired level of whiteness.


Veneers are another option that individuals commonly use to make their teeth look whiter. These thin sheets of porcelain are adhered to the teeth and provide a tough yet smooth, stain resistant barrier to the teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent option for replacing teeth. When left untreated, tooth lose can give way to infections and disease. An implant not only helps to decrease such chances, but also provides the look, feel and functionality of a reel tooth.


Whatever service you seek, it is not hard to find a cosmetic dentist in Palm Harbor, FL. However, it is important to remember that not every doctor offers the same quality of service. At Knellinger Dental Excellence we offer exceptional service and care tailored to your needs. For more information and to set an appointment, contact us now.



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