November 22, 2016

More than 20 years ago, a revolutionary new type of technology called Cone Beam Imaging was introduced to the endodontic world. This technology helps lower patient radiation exposure while producing high-quality images that assist in the diagnosis and treatment of various endodontic conditions. At Advanced Endodontics of Westchester, Dr. Kolnick is proud to use this technology to diagnose and treat our patients more effectively.

Benefits You Will Love

In addition to producing quick, high-quality images and helping you spend less time at the dental office, the cone beam imaging system provides the following benefits:

• Reduced cost due to decreased need for a variety of diagnostic procedures and elimination of the need to “reformat” data for analyzation purposes.
• Quicker diagnosis of common endodontic problems.
• Less exposure to radiation.
• High degree of accuracy (superior to many medical grade scans).

Cone Beam Imaging scans can be obtained while you are in the office which means you won’t need to be transported to a medical or imaging center in order to obtain the images required to treat your endodontic condition with accuracy.

Cone Beam Imaging Procedures

While the uses for Cone Beam Imaging are practically endless, the technology is frequently used by endodontists to discover and diagnose pathology that wouldn’t be revealed on most 2-D x-ray images. CBI can also determine the severity of an infection as well as develop the most effective treatment plans. Finding the precise locations of infection in multi-rooted teeth while eliminating the need for exploratory surgery is another benefit. Cone Beam Imaging is also highly effective at revealing minute cracks or fractures in tooth roots and identifying the cause of failed root canal therapy.

Learn More Today!

To learn more about our cone beam imaging system and how it can benefit you, give Advanced Endodontics of Westchester a call during regular office hours. You can also fill out our online form at your convenience and wait for a friendly member of our team to contact you and set up your appointment.



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