February 18, 2016

If you have been told that you may be in need of orthodontic treatment, you certainly are not alone. It is estimated that only 35 percent of adults have well-aligned teeth. In fact, recent numbers have shown that more and more adults are relying on orthodontia to correct issues with their smiles. Adults could make up as much as 20 percent of the patient population of your local cosmetic dentist in Roswell, GA. However, if you happen to be like most adult orthodontic patients, then you are likely looking to achieve improved tooth alignment without the use of braces.

Do Braces Get a Bad Rap?

One can easily make a case for braces having an undeserved bad rap. After all, they have proven to be very effective at treating complex bite issues, and they do not require you to dedicate any added attention to their care other than following a routine dental hygiene regimen. However, their constant presence often causes some to wish for a less permanent solution.

It was this wish that prompted a small group of Stanford graduate students in the late 1990’s to come up with a tooth alignment treatment that functioned more like the plastic retainers patients wear immediately following the removal of their braces. From their garage in Menlo Park, CA, Invisalign® was born. In 2004, only 175,000 patients in the U.S. were relying on Invisalign® as their primary orthodontic treatment. By 2012, that number had ballooned to over 2 million, and has continued to increase exponentially ever since.

The Benefits of Invisalign®

If you are considering Invisalign®, it is likely due to two factors: the fact that they are invisible and removable. This helps you to retain your confidence while simultaneously fixing your smile. Their being removable also allows you to avoid the dietary restrictions inherent with traditional braces. Plus, they’ve proven to be nearly as effective at correcting standard tooth alignment issues. However, unlike with standard braces, you do have to put forth additional effort to ensure that they’re being used at all times. Otherwise, you limit their effectiveness.

No matter what form of treatment that you need in order to correct your tooth alignment, as your cosmetic dentist in Roswell, GA, Dr. Shenk is fully prepared to help you. Your candidacy for Invisalign® or traditional braces will depend upon a number of different factors. To schedule an appointment to discuss these with Dr. Shenk, simply give us a call at 678.951.8109.



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