April 21, 2016

A dental crown can be the solution to a number of cosmetic tooth problems. Your dentist may recommend a crown for teeth with crumbling fillings, breakage, decay or other weakening. If you are concerned about your appearance, a high quality crown can restore your teeth’s color and structure. Today’s advanced crown-making techniques produce results that really give you something to smile about.

Advantages of CEREC

The CEREC method allows your cosmetic dentist to make your crown quickly and easily. Unlike traditional crowns which require you to come in for multiple visits and then wait several weeks for the lab to send in the finished product, using CEREC will let you walk away with your new and improved look after just one appointment. Because the CEREC machine uses computerized imaging techniques to take an optical impression of your teeth, you will not need to have a physical impression taken. CEREC produces great results while saving you time and physical discomfort.

How It Works

Using the CEREC machine’s software, your dentist will quickly convert the digital image of your tooth into a 3-dimensional design that will form a virtual mold for your crown. The crown itself is made from a strong ceramic material that approximates the natural structure of organic teeth while providing a high degree of endurance. Ceramic blocks are available in a range of colors and your dentist will help you select the best match for you. The ceramic block will then be placed in the CEREC milling machine right there in your dentist’s office and your crown will be manufactured as you wait. Once the crown is ready, your dentist will ensure proper fit and then polish and bond it in place.

A high quality crown can make all the difference to your smile; with CEREC, you will only need one appointment to get it done.  To make an appointment with Dr. John Cervenka for CEREC same day crowns in Orlando, FL, call 407-248-0100.



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