February 10, 2018

Zoom Teeth Whitening - Denville, NJ - Brighten Your SmileThis Valentine’s Day, impress your date when you meet at the fanciest restaurant in town with a beautiful, resilient smile. Professional teeth whitening treatment in Denville, NJ will make your pearly whites several shades brighter. In addition to a more attractive smile, there are numerous other benefits to gain when you visit the office of Drs. Adam and Hal Kimowitz for the Zoom! whitening treatment.

A Faster Procedure

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you may realize you do not have weeks to obtain a whiter smile. Fortunately, a professional treatment takes less than an hour. That means you can schedule your appointment on February 14th and have a stellar smile that same evening.

Customized Treatments

Our dentists do not believe in any one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to brightening treatments. Utilizing the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry we can target specific areas of the mouth that have darkened more than other areas. Additionally, they can help you attain the precise shade of white you desire.

Better Grooming

The Zoom teeth whitening treatment will not provide permanently brighter teeth. The results will most likely fade within a few months, but you can prolong your results by taking care of your teeth. Brushing, flossing and watching what you eat will give you better oral health in addition to better-looking teeth.

Greater Comfort

Our dentists take great care to ensure the amount of sensitivity is limited. Your gums will be covered to safeguard them against the light. Patients will also be provided with aftercare instructions, but for the most part, you will have nothing to fear in the days following the procedure.

Excellent Care

Do not spend your Valentine’s Day trying to hide discolored teeth. Show them off proudly by scheduling a visit at the office of Drs. Adam and Hal Kimowitz. Whether your teeth have stained due to medications, normal wear or fluorosis, give us a call at (973) 453-2599 to see if the Zoom treatment is right for you.



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