December 19, 2016

Here is a little-known fact about orthodontics: they are not just for kids. In fact, more adults than ever before are finding out about how orthodontics, like Invisalign®, can help them get the smile they have always wanted. The truth is that one in five orthodontic patients is an adult. At the Center for Progressive Dentistry, Dr. Joseph Bedich and his staff can help adults with common tooth problems that can be corrected through orthodontic treatment. So, if you have an issue with the way your teeth are aligned, you can finally get some help!

Common Invisalign® Solutions

Orthodontic treatments are not just for crooked teeth. Invisalign® can help you with bite alignment problems, crowding or spacing. With its gentle and innovative movement, you may be able to finally experience the benefit of straight and correctly aligned teeth. Here are some of the benefits.

Subtle and Discreet

Millions of people choose Invisalign® because of how subtle and discreet it is. Because of its clear look and natural shape, it is hard to tell when someone is wearing Invisalign® trays. This means you can still feel confident showing your teeth and smiling while you are undergoing treatment.

Easy to Clean and Take Off

Another great thing about Invisalign® is that the trays are easy to clean and can be conveniently taken off whenever you want. Unlike traditional metal braces that are permanently affixed, Invisalign® is controlled by the patient.

Better Gum Health

Invisalign® patients can also get benefits to their gums during treatment. With metal braces, patients sometimes experience gum swelling and discomfort due to the position of the dental appliances. Invisalign® only covers your teeth and offers a comfortable fit that does not affect or irritate your gums.

If you are ready to get started with Invisalign®, give us a call today. Dr. Joseph Bedich can examine your teeth and indicate whether you are a candidate for this orthodontic treatment.



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