January 10, 2018

Many patients are surprised to learn about a better option for orthodontics than the traditional metal braces. With Fastbraces® patients can find out about a new way to get straight, healthy teeth. Dr. Shahram Moghaddam offers Fastbraces in Weymouth, MA for patients who want to experience a convenient and cost-effective treatment. This type of treatment uses a uniquely-shaped bracket to get optimal results for patients of all ages. Here are some other benefits that you could get with Fastbraces®.

Faster Treatment 

The best thing about Fastbraces® is that they straighten your teeth much faster than traditional metal braces. It is common to wear the braces for one year or less instead of two or more years with metal braces. If you want to get results fast, this is the way to go.

Less Discomfort 

Fastbraces® can also give patients less discomfort during the treatment period. With the revolutionary bracket design, there are fewer wires and metal pieces poking the patient’s gums and providing pain. Patients often feel comfortable when wearing Fastbraces®. Additionally, with the faster treatment timeline, patients can go back to smiling and eating normally much sooner.

More Flexibility

Providers also get more flexibility with this type of treatment. The design of the product allows more adjustments and proper alignment for beautiful, optimal results. Instead of being disappointed after wearing braces for years, many patients love their results.

Lower Investment

The last major benefit of Fastbraces® is the cost. The reason braces can become expensive is because of the long series of appointments over the course of treatment that takes more than two years. The quick timeline of Fastbraces® makes it possible to achieve quick results in fewer visits, which costs much less.

Contact our dental practice in Weymouth, MA to learn more about Fastbraces®. We can give you more information or schedule a consultation to see if this type of treatment is right for you or your child.



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