December 30, 2015

Full mouth reconstruction is a serious procedure and not one that should be undertaken lightly. However, if you have serious cosmetic dental issues, it may be worth turning to a dentist in Key Largo, FL to find out what your options for restoring your smile are. Mouth reconstruction involves a combination of multiple procedures, including, but not limited to, fillings, crowns, dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening and gum contouring. Here are some things to consider before undergoing this involved procedure.

Benefits of Mouth Reconstructions

 The primary benefits of mouth reconstruction are cosmetic: you will likely look better and feel more confident with teeth that are straight, white, even and conventionally attractive. However, there are a number of health benefits as well. Getting all your cavities filled and worn teeth capped can help prevent tooth decay from getting worse and help prevent issues like heart disease, diabetes and early-onset dementia. These procedures generally use high-quality materials so the only necessary dental work afterwards is purely maintenance. Finally, while multiple invasive dental treatments are probably not anyone’s idea of a good time, mouth reconstruction can be done with relatively little pain and a quick healing time.

 Possible Drawbacks of Mouth Reconstruction

 The major drawback of a full mouth restoration procedure is generally the cost. Since some of the components of mouth restoration are cosmetic in nature, insurance may not cover the entire procedure, and those without comprehensive dental insurance may find themselves on the hook for the entire bill. However, for those who suffer from poor oral health and damaged or missing teeth, getting a healthy smile may be well worth the cost. Most dentists allow patients to pay on an installment plan so they can pay only what they can afford each month.

 To find out more about your options for completely rejuvenating your mouth, schedule a consultation with Dr. James Carreiro today.



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