January 4, 2018

Patients who are considering their options for cosmetic improvements are often aware of veneers and the benefits they bring, but many don’t know about Lumineers, the new option that provides many of the same benefits with a less invasive process. Luckily, Dr. John Cervenka, DDS, is providing this innovative procedure in Orlando, FL, making it more accessible for more patients in the area.

Differences From Veneers

The biggest difference patients notice when they learn about the process of preparing and then affixing the implants is the lack of shaping to the teeth. When patients seek out veneers, the teeth must be reshaped to fit the implant. The procedure also usually requires some drilling and possibly an anesthetic injection.

Lumineers offer patients the opportunity to gain the benefits of veneers without the extensive preparation and invasive installation procedure. They usually require no tooth preparation, and they are made from ultra-thin and durable Cerinate ceramic, which means they can usually be fit without drilling or injection. The result is a smoother, less invasive placement, without compromising on any of the benefits that made you seek veneers in the first place.

Advantages for Patients

  • Less discomfort during placement
  • Less complicated placement procedures
  • All the durability and comfort of veneers
  • Whiter, more vibrant smile
  • Restore minor irregularities in your smile

For patients that are considering veneers, Lumineers are often a great option. To find out more about them, you need to talk to a dentist at South Park Dentistry about the process and your oral health. That’s the only way to know for sure whether you are a candidate for the procedure. Most candidates for regular veneers do also have this option.

Don’t wait to improve your smile. Start the new year off right by resolving to take care of your oral health and then contacting our office to schedule your next visit. We make it easy for you to take care of yourself.



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