December 13, 2017

Are you the get-down-to-business type who likes to get things done right and done quick too? Do you have a wedding or another important occasion for which you want a perfect smile? Or perhaps your child needs orthodontics, and you want the quickest treatment possible. Dr. Shahram Moghaddam of Comfort Dental may have the solution to fit your needs with Fastbraces® in Framingham, MA.

What Are Fastbraces®? 

Fastbraces® are a fast and affordable method of teeth alignment that can give you the smile you have been longing for in as few as four months. This system begins working on the first day. It uses unique, triangular brackets to gently move roots into their ideal position with minimal discomfort. The beginning of an orthodontic treatment is the best time to move roots, as it lessens the chance of root resorption that can occur with traditional braces.

Types of Alignment Problems

When teeth do not erupt correctly, they can grow sideways and overlap, crowd together or spaced too far apart, leaving gaps in your smile. This treatment works on all of these problems, turning or tipping teeth and roots into an upright position. Children, teens and adults with issues like these can benefit from this process.

Younger Patients

Orthodontics for younger patients typically take less time than for adults and have fewer complications because the structures of their jawbone and teeth are more pliable. Wearing Fastbraces® can be a quicker process for them, perhaps even allowing them to achieve a straighter smile over the course of a summer.

Adult Patients

Adults in need of teeth alignment may feel like they are in a lose/lose situation that draws out the embarrassment of having braces and causes any number of interruptions in their daily lives. With Fastbraces®, you can be done in a few short months and put the embarrassment behind you.

The best method of determining whether you or your child is a candidate for Fastbraces® is through consultation with Dr. Moghaddam. Call our office to schedule an appointment.



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