March 11, 2017

Feeling confident in your appearance is important, but many people worry their crooked teeth are unattractive and try to hide them by not smiling. If you are uncomfortable because of misaligned teeth, one of the best things you can do is contact an experienced dentist to learn about cosmetic treatment options. Dr. Michael Neeley and his expert team offer teeth straightening treatments, including clear braces in Dallas, TX. If Dr. Neeley determines the ClearCorrect option is right for you, there are several advantages you can enjoy.

Quick Results

For most patients, the ClearCorrect treatment can be completed in a few months. You will be given a set of graduated aligners custom-made for your teeth and designed for you to wear at least 22 hours every day. You can remove the clear braces for eating and brushing your teeth, and you will switch to a new tray every four to six weeks.

 Discreet Treatment

While traditional metal braces are obvious, clear braces are nearly invisible so most people will not even notice you are wearing them. You can be confident talking and smiling without feeling self-conscious about your orthodontic treatment.

Beautiful Results

Perhaps the most important benefit of the ClearCorrect system is that it works extremely well. Most patients experience excellent results and finish the treatment with beautifully straight teeth. Proper tooth alignment offers more than just aesthetic benefits; it reduces the risk of TMJ and uncomfortable pressure on the teeth.

Call for a Free Consultation

If you are curious about orthodontic treatments to address crooked teeth, give our office in Dallas, TX a call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Neeley. New patients will receive a complete examination and x-rays absolutely free, and will have the chance to talk to Dr. Neeley about the best treatment option for your teeth. Along with orthodontics, we also offer sedation dentistry, dental implants, and laser dentistry treatments. Call today for your consultation and take the first step toward a radiant and healthy smile.



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