August 5, 2018

At Southpark Dental Group, we care about our patients and want each and every one of them to love their smile. That’s why we offer a variety of services for improved oral health, and stay up to date on the newest technology. Dr. Cervenka is a highly qualified dentist who wants to offer the best and is proud to offer lumineers.

How Are They Different From Veneers?

Traditional veneers are much thicker than lumineers and require that the original tooth structure is ground down before they are placed. Because lumineers are so thin, they can replicate the look of your natural enamel. There is also little tooth reduction required because they are so thin. They are also durable and resilient and can last up to 20 years.

Can Lumineers Be Used to Reshape My Teeth?

Millions of Americans have crooked or misaligned teeth, but don’t want to go through the process of having braces. In some cases, lumineers can actually help with that issue. Once the teeth are evaluated and it’s determined if orthodontics is necessary or not, lumineers can reshape the teeth and make them appear more uniform and straighter. They also brighten and whiten your teeth, which is a benefit you don’t get from traditional braces.

Do They Hurt?

The process of placing lumineers is also entirely pain-free. There is no need for grinding or drilling of the original tooth and they are so thin that you can get a perfect fit without any extensive treatment or preparation. Once they are placed, most patients go back to their day without any sensitivity or discomfort.

What Can I Eat?

Lumineers are placed in the most durable way, meaning you can eat anything you want once they are placed. You can eat sticky foods and chew gum without worry about your teeth moving.

Learn More

Lumineers can completely transform your smile and give you confidence about the way your smile looks. Contact us in Orlando, FL today to schedule a consultation to begin your journey to a smile you can be proud of!



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