March 30, 2017

We all want to wake up every morning and see a bright, red carpet-worthy smile beaming back at us in the mirror. However, life often intervenes, and accidents, decay and general wear-and-tear can end up distorting and/or discoloring your teeth over time. Those changes can end up taking a massive toll on your self-confidence. This begs the question of what cost you might pay in order to get that confidence back?

Average Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

As your dentist in Denville, NJ may have already told you, insurances typically treat cosmetic dentistry as they do a majority of elective procedures. They do not deem them to be medically necessary and thus are likely to only extend coverage when such treatment is recommended by a healthcare professional. This may come as bad news to some, as the cost of some cosmetic dental procedures can be quite high. Listed below are some of the more common of these services, along with their average price ranges:

Exploring Potential Payment Options

Yet while the aforementioned costs might seem prohibitive to some, there are actually a number of different payment methods that can make cosmetic dental procedures more affordable. These include:

    • Flex spending or health savings accounts: If you have already decided to seek cosmetic dental treatment, you can plan ahead to set aside the funds to cover your services with either of the aforementioned accounts for the coming year.
    • Financing: You will find that many cosmetic dentistry providers offer in-house financing options to help patients like yourself pay for their treatment over time.
    • Payment plans: Most providers will also allow you to sit down with one of their own front-office staff members and work out an acceptable payment arrangement that allows you to meet the cost of your procedures over several months.

There is no denying that enjoying the benefits of cosmetic dentistry can come with a high price tag. Yet ultimately, enjoying the smile that you have always wanted may just be worth it. Drs. Hal and Adam Kimowitz can deliver these benefits to you, and our staff here at Denville Dentist is ready to do all that we can to help make these services affordable. To discuss our many cosmetic dentistry payment options, contact us today.



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