July 9, 2018

Most people think of traditional metal braces when they think of orthodontic treatments. However, modern advances in orthodontic technology have made treatment more discreet than ever before. While traditional bracket-and-wire treatments are still available, those who prefer a more inconspicuous treatment method may want to consider receiving Invisalign®.

A Low-Profile Alternative to Metal Braces

Adults and teenagers who are embarrassed about receiving orthodontic treatments are often relieved to learn they can wear clear aligners that can’t be easily seen by others. Dr. Shahram Moghaddam is a leading dentist in Weymouth, MA, who uses advanced technology to create custom clear aligners for patients. Invisalign® straightens the teeth through a series of custom aligners that are typically changed every couple of weeks. The aligners don’t have any brackets or wires, which makes them a comfortable alternative to metal braces.

Another benefit of Invisalign® clear aligners is that they can be removed as needed for cleaning or for occasional special events. It’s easier to maintain good oral hygiene when you wear clear aligners instead of metal braces because you don’t have to work around metal hardware that’s attached to the teeth. Simply take the Invisalign® aligners out, follow your oral hygiene routine, then put the aligners back in. It’s important to wear the aligners as Dr. Moghaddam directs for the best possible results, so they shouldn’t be removed too frequently.

Treatment Details

Typically, it takes between six to 18 months for Invisalign® to straighten the teeth. This is often less time than treatment with traditional metal braces, which can take up to 24 months or longer. The technology behind clear aligners is proven and allows for quicker and more comfortable orthodontic treatment.

Schedule an Invisalign® Consultation 

Ready to straighten your teeth in the most discreet way possible? We’d love to tell you more about the benefits of Invisalign® clear aligners. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Moghaddam, please contact Comfort Dental today.



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