December 11, 2018

When it comes to improving your smile, it’s important to visit a dental professional who is experienced, personable and puts your needs first. It’s equally important to make sure your dentist uses leading-edge dental technology to ensure your comfort and provide the best possible treatment outcome. Drs. Dean and Amanda Brewer take great pride in equipping their leading practice – Brewer Family Dentistry – with modern equipment. Here are a few of the leading types of technology the doctors utilize at their state-of-the-art practice.

CEREC® Restorations 

Traditionally, restorations like crowns, bridges, onlays and inlays are done off-site at a lab. In order to create these restorations, many dental practices still rely on messy impressions that are uncomfortable for patients and can yield flawed restorations. Brewer Family Dentistry uses advanced technology to eliminate goopy impressions and create precise restorations on-site. The CAD/CAM system used to create CEREC® restorations takes digital images of your teeth and uses those images to create permanent restorations within just a few minutes so there’s no need to schedule another office visit.

Advanced 3D Imaging With Cone Beam Technology

Brewer Family Dentistry uses advanced 3D imaging with Galileos Cone Beam technology to deliver precise and gentle treatment results. The technology uses far less radiation than traditional x-ray technology and delivers high-quality images with impressive detail. Drs. Brewer use this technology to minimize patient exposure to radiation and to evaluate various oral structures while creating minimally invasive treatment plans.


Laser dentistry is a preferred method of treatment for gum tissue. Brewer Family Dentistry uses the innovative SIROLaser to efficiently perform biopsies, gingivectomies and other soft tissue treatments. The laser is associated with minimal post-operative complications and encourages expedited healing.

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