October 12, 2018

If you’ve been wanting a straighter smile but you didn’t get braces when you were younger, there’s still plenty of opportunity. Orthodontics for adults have been popular and accessible for decades, but today’s options give patients even more choice when it comes to their teeth. Not only can you receive discreet treatment that lets you enjoy a straighter smile without obtrusive braces, you can also pick the options that have the flexibility to work with your lifestyle.

Adult Orthodontic Options

When you see a dentist in Ozona, FL about your orthodontic needs, you can choose between several options for straightening teeth:

  • Traditional braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Fastbraces (six month treatment for most patients)
  • Invisible aligners like Invisalign

Most adult patients find great success with a low-profile treatment option like Invisalign, which works for patients with both mild and moderate corrections to make. The aligners are removable, so there’s no need to worry about dietary restrictions, and you do sleep with them in. Over time, they are replaced with successive new aligners to keep the teeth moving. The results are dramatic, and the treatment timeline is like braces and other treatments.

Great Patient Satisfaction 

96 percent of all Invisalign patients are satisfied with the procedure, and the vast majority of those rate their satisfaction high for both the results of the procedure and the comfort and convenience of the actual process. Comparatively, a similar number of patients receiving braces enjoyed the outcome, but far fewer reported satisfaction with the treatment process itself. These results aren’t hard to understand—Invisalign was designed to be more comfortable and less obtrusive than regular braces.

Make an Appointment for a Consultation 

If you want to get a straighter smile that helps complement the rest of your appearance, now is the time to contact Knellinger Dental Excellence. We can set you up with an appointment during regular business hours, and our associates can also answer your questions about being prepared for that initial consultation. Don’t wait, get the smile you want.



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