January 27, 2016

Many types of dental procedures require the finishing touch of a crown. As a cosmetic dentist in Oceanside, CA, Dr. Christopher Henninger understands that quality of a treatment is just as important as the time patients must take to attend their dental appointments. That is why, depending on your needs and individual situation, he may recommend that you receive a different type of crown known as a CEREC® Same Day Crown.

Crowns are a protective covering that can be used after a root canal, over a broken or cracked tooth, or to cover in implant. CEREC® Same Day Crowns are unique in that they are made of on solid piece of ceramic or resin and can be fashioned in-office. This means that instead of being fitted with a temporary crown and having an outside lab create the permanent crown as is done with traditional options, you will leave the office with a new, long-lasting crown.

The short turnaround is possible due to the technology used to create CEREC® Same Day Crowns. These crowns are created using CAD, or computer aided design, software, which allows the doctor to create incredibly precise fits for each patient. First, the doctor takes images of the tooth that need the crown and any surrounding teeth. Then the CAD software is used to design the tooth, match the color to that of your existing teeth, and ensure that the crown is as close as possible to a perfect fit. The design, strength of the solid piece of material and the reduced time needed to receive a completed crown make CEREC® crowns an ideal option compared to traditional crowns when they are not contraindicated.

Ultimately, patients should be fitted with the best crown for their situation, whether it be metal, ceramic or one we create in-house. To learn more about the types of crowns Dr. Henninger offers as a cosmetic dentist in Oceanside, CA, contact us at 866-907-9461 to schedule an appointment.



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