November 6, 2017

People everywhere deal with the self-consciousness that comes from having misaligned, crooked teeth but fear the process of braces necessary to straighten them out. At South Shore Orthodontics in Riverview, FL, we are happy to offer ceramic braces as an option for those with severely misaligned teeth.

Great Results With Less Noticeable Braces

The goal of braces is to straighten the teeth and give you a smile you can be proud of. There are also bite and oral health issues that can be addressed by braces but many fear the metal look of traditional braces. Ceramic braces are very similar to the metal option, only less noticeable. You get the same results from braces that are strong enough to last through your entire treatment period.

Increased Comfort and Aesthetics

Ceramic braces are also slightly more comfortable than traditional braces. These braces are less likely to irritate your gums and won’t stain the teeth.  Patients deal with less gum pain and discomfort from the ceramic material as compared to the metal.

Choices of Brackets

Ceramic braces offer several choices when it comes to brackets. For those who have darker teeth, there are brackets that are closely matched to the color of the natural teeth. Those who have white teeth can choose clear brackets that are less noticeable.

Durable and Subtle

Although ceramic braces are less noticeable and blend better with your natural teeth, they are still strong enough to withstand the months of treatment required to get the smile you want. They may be subtle but they are strong enough to get the job done. Ceramic braces differ from plastic aligners in that they can move the teeth much faster.

Schedule an Appointment

At South Shore Orthodontics, Dr. Ahrens offers ceramic braces as a viable treatment option for those who have severely misaligned teeth but want the beauty of a natural smile without drawing attention to their braces during treatment. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more.



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