April 15, 2017

While braces are effective in straightening your teeth, you might feel embarrassed about wearing them, which can compromise your self-confidence. Rather than let your crooked or misaligned teeth go untreated, consider Invisalign instead. Dr. Hossein Javid and the rest of us here at the Dr. Smile Dental Group in El Segundo, CA would like to take a moment to share more about the convenience of Invisalign.

All the Benefits of Braces, None of the Embarrassment

When you sit down with a cosmetic dentist, you’ll learn that Invisalign aligners don’t come with the mouth or gum irritation that’s common with braces and other tooth-straightening methods. Quick and easy convenience is another great thing about this particular method of straightening your teeth. Specifically, the aligner trays are made to be ultra-comfortable as well as easy to remove. The great thing about this is you can remove your aligners when you eat, brush your teeth or floss and slip them back on when you’re done to continue straightening your teeth. With other teeth-straightening treatments or devices, it can take you as long as a full half hour to give your teeth a proper brushing.

Where braces are often quite obvious while you’re wearing them, aligners are much less noticeable. Imagine how much more comfortable you’ll be meeting new people, smiling and laughing without worrying about how your braces look. If you live a busy lifestyle, know that you don’t have to make as many visits to our office if you have aligners. Expect to schedule an appointment every six weeks.

Find Out More Today

We’d love to share more with you about Invisalign and other cutting-edge methods of straightening your teeth and improving your oral health as well as your confidence. Whenever you’re ready to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Smile Dental Group at your earliest convenience. We look forward to restoring your smile!



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