February 25, 2017

When people consider cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver, BC, they may think of elective procedures that are completely aesthetic in purpose. At Wall Centre Dental, we know that that is not always the case. Patients come to us from all over Vancouver seeking care for multiple issues that have a real impact on their oral health and how they look and feel about themselves. In these cases, a full mouth reconstruction may be the best solution.

What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

When patients need a full mouth reconstruction, they are essentially addressing all of the issues affecting their oral health in one treatment process. This may require rebuilding, moving or replacing all of a patient’s teeth. It combines restorative dentistry with esthetics to create a healthy, functional and beautiful mouth that patients can be proud of.

Who Can Benefit From Treatment?

Whether your teeth are in bad shape due to injury, neglect or preventative care that requires replacement, a full mouth restoration may help your smile. In most cases, patients with one or more of the following conditions can benefit the most:

  • Several missing teeth
  • Multiple worn, broken or chipped teeth
  • Chronic clicking, popping or pain in the jaw
  • Frequent headaches associated with muscle tenderness and back pain

Is the Cost Worth It?

A cosmetic dentistry, which can include implants, teeth whitening, veneers, crowns and bonding, can come with a significant price tag. However, the benefits of the treatment can leave patients breathless. Because a full mouth reconstruction addresses all of a patient’s oral health concerns, at the end of treatment they should have a fully functional, gorgeous smile that they can be proud of. In our experience, a majority of patients would say their smiles are well worth the cost.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you are interested in learning more about full mouth reconstruction, contact our office today. By scheduling an appointment with our doctors, you are placing yourself on the road to a new, more functional and beautiful smile.



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