December 5, 2016

For many people, dental work requires the placement of crowns. Dr. Douglas Genninger’s state-of-the-art practice offers CEREC® same-day crowns as an alternative to traditional crowns. The CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic) process involves advanced technology that allows Dr. Genninger to perform several restorative procedures, such as crown placement, in a single office visit. Here are five reasons to consider CEREC® crowns.

  1. Minimal Time Commitment

One of the many benefits of CEREC® crowns is the minimal time commitment required. Dr. Genninger can create and place customized crowns in a single visit to restore your natural smile right away.

  1. Advanced Computer Planning

The CEREC® technique utilizes technologically advanced machinery and a proprietary CAD/CAM program to design and build crowns customized to each patient. Dr. Genninger’s experience with this advanced technology allows him to create crowns that fit each patient precisely.

  1. No Metal Required

CEREC® crowns are made of a high-tech porcelain composite and do not contain any metal at all. This reduces the discomfort associated with metal crowns and sensitivity to hot and cold foods.

  1. Exact Replication of Your Natural Smile

Another of the benefits of crowns is that they restore your teeth to their original appearance. The unique material of CEREC® crowns is extremely customizable, so Dr. Genninger can match the crowns to the exact color of your teeth. This means your crowns will look completely natural so you can be confident in your smile.

If you need restorative dental work, Dr. Genninger’s office is ready to help. We have access to the latest and most advanced dental equipment and procedures, including beautiful CEREC® same-day crowns that only require a single visit. Contact our office today for a consultation so we can find the right treatment for you.



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