July 18, 2017

Looking for ways to improve your smile? While there are some quick and easy ways to brighten your teeth (like professional teeth whitening services), most smile improvements take time. This is especially true if your teeth are crooked or if you have dental spacing issues. Traditional orthodontics can fix many dental problems, but they take up to two years or more to work effectively. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait that long for reliable results.

Dr. Jignesh Patel is an experienced dentist in Schaumburg, IL, who practices at Schaumburg Dental Studio and offers quick and convenient FastBraces®. Patients who want long-lasting results in a short amount of time may want to consider this system. Here are three things you should know about how FastBraces® work and how they can quickly improve your smile.

  1. They Are Triangular

FastBraces® have triangular brackets instead of the traditional square-shaped brackets you see with other orthodontic systems. While this subtle change may not seem like a big deal, it is one of the main reasons this particular system is able to work as quickly as it does. The unique triangular design of the brackets makes it possible for the orthodontic wire to move the crowns and the roots of the teeth at once. This feature minimizes treatment time.

  1. They Can Target Problem Areas

The FastBraces® system can be used to correct an entire row of teeth, just like traditional orthodontics, or it can be used to target only very specific teeth. The ability to focus treatment in very specific areas can further cut back treatment time.

  1. They Are More Comfortable

Triangle-shaped brackets produce a softer force than square-shaped brackets, which means they are gentler and less uncomfortable to wear. Many patients report that they experience very little sensitivity while their teeth are straightened with this revolutionary system.

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